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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

27/01/2018 23:29 1686
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Author: Do Bang; Publisher: National Politic; size: 16x24 cm; Quantity: 530 p., Year: 2012

Princess Dong Canh, born in 1881, pen-name Dam Phuong historical woman. Her father is Mien Trien, 66th Prince of King Minh Mang. Although born in the circumstance of country was invaded by French colonial but she inherited from the royal prerogative with the traditional education: trying to be labourious, remaining beautiful, speaking correctly and politely, behaving in a virtuous manner... laid a firm foundation to grow by herself. She is a reporter, a writer, a connoisseur of national culture, fluent in multiple languages​​, giving up feudal ideology to take part in the rank of the progressive intellectuals of the era. She applied the progressive ideas of the age in the mean of press in order to educate the two objects of the society in that time : women and children - those who have never been interested in education and social ...

"Dam Phuong historical woman - Portrait of cultural researcher in the early twentieth century " includes speeches, articles, and discussion of the researchers recruited on the occasion of 130 th anniversary of the birth Dam Phuong historical woman. The book focuses on  studying historical character - cultural celebrity inmultifaceted activities in the early twentieth century.

The book consist of two main contents:

Part I: Family, Culture, Education

Part II: Literature,Press, Heritage

The library of Vietnam National Museum of History (25 Tong Dan - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi) would like to introduce all readers!

Trang Nhung