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Bảo tàng lịch sử Quốc gia

Vietnam National Museum of History

05/01/2017 03:15 1739
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Published by: Ethnic Culture, Writer: PhD. Nguyen Van Cuong; Book size: 24 cm x 29 cm; Pages: 122; Year: 2016

The Vietnam National Museum of History preserves a valuable collection of the Nguyen Royal family. This is the unique royal collection with most treasures of the final feudal royal family in Vietnam. It includes around 2500 objects, high quality products used by kings and royal family.

Most of them are made of precious materials such as gem, ivory, shell, bead, but mainly gold, silver and jade. Popular decorative designs are dragon with five claws (king) and phoenix (queen), and also subjects of prays for peace, prosperity, long life, fortune and happiness...

The book contains many pictures and information about the collection.

It has 6 parts dedicating to: Collection of Royal Treasures of the Nguyen dynasty in the VNMH; Hue Antique: From historical story to future orientation; Treasures represent for power; Worshipping and ritual purposed objects; "Four treasures of study"; and daily wares.

The book is available at the Library of the Vietnam National Museum of History - 25 Tong Dan, Hanoi.

Tran Trang