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Vietnam National Museum of History

12/11/2015 15:14 2179
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Author: Vietnam National Museum of History, National Musum of Korean; Size: 28.5 cm x 23 cm; Quantities: 235 pages; Year: 2014.

As its first special exhibition of 2014, The National Museum of Korea is proud to introduce “ Ancient Civilization in Vietnam: The Early Morning around Red River”. As fellow members of the Asian National Museum Association (ANMA), the National Museum of Korean and the Vietnam National Museum of History have engaged in active exchange and cooperation for a number of years, having successfully collaborated on various exhibitions, scholarly research project, and other shared endeavors. This exhibition is particularly significant because it presents the results and achievements of five years of joint research (2009-2013) between the two institutions.

The exhibition features various artifacts reflecting the developmental phases of Vietnamese bronze culture, including the famous Dong Son bronze drum, the pride and joy of the Vietnamese people. The artifacts vividly demonstrate the establishment and development of the Bronze Age in Vietnam. Viewers can visually experience the advanced smelting technology of ancient Vietnamese bronze masters, as well as their unparalleled creativity and aesthetics. Furthermore, the exhibition includes a video showing scenes of the joint excavation projects, allowing the audience to fully appreciate th trust and friendship between the two museums.

The book “ Ancient Civilisation in Vietnam – The Early Morning around Red River” was published by two nation, based on this exhibition. It contain three main content:

Part I. Bronze Culture before Dong Son

Part II. Red River and Dong Son Culture

Part III. Bronze Culture of South Central Vietnam

The Library of Vietnam National Museum of History (No. 25 Tong Dan - Hoan Kiem - Ha Noi) is pleased to introduce all readers!

Pham Trang Nhung