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12/02/2017 17:55 1835
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VOVworld)- Dong Xuan market in Hanoi’s Old Quarter was the first market in Hanoi. Its history is closely associated with the trade development of Hanoi. It is not just a market but also a cultural venue that reflects the lifestyle of Hanoians. VOV Bui Hang has the story.
dong xuan market embraces hanoi’s culture hinh 0
Photo: VOV

After filling in part of the To Lich River, Dong Xuan market was founded in 1889 by the French and named after its location. Previously, trade activities took place along the river and on both banks of the river. At that time, the market was a favorable trading place, especially after the French built Long Bien bridge. In the early days, the market had a metal roof and covered 20,000 square meters. Previously, it was called Dong Xuan-Bac Qua market and had a lane inside.

Following a huge fire in 1994, the market was rebuilt over 2 years. Now, the market has 3 storeys covering an area of approximately 9,600 square meters. The front retains its original architecture. There are three entrances in the front and 2 on both sides on the ground floor and two open staircases leading to the market. Inside the market, there is a modern elevator and 5 staircases. Do Xuan Thuy is General Director of the Dong Xuan Join Stock Company:“Our Company has worked hard to maintain the original characteristics of the market. In the near future, we will invest in upgrading the market facilities to meet development demand. We aim to promote civilized trade behavior in the market.”

Together with other famous destinations in the Old Quarter like Hang Ngang, Hang Dao, Hang Bong, and Hang Gai, and the Hoan Kiem Lake, Dong Xuan market attracts a lot of tourists. Mr. Thuy said:“The number of visitors to Dong Xuan market has increased in recent years. In 2016, the market received more than 400,000 Vietnamese and foreign visitors. It is not only a trade center, a big wholesale market, but also a tourist destination. We set up guide teams to help visitors tour the market and security teams to ensure their safety.”

dong xuan market embraces hanoi’s culture hinh 1

Founded in 2003, Dong Xuan night market has offered diverse services. Many cultural activities are held including performances of Xam singing, Cheo theater, and Quan Ho folk duet singing. Mr. Thao Giang, Director of the Center for Vietnam Music and Art Development, said:“The Saturday night performance has been held for 12 years and received a greta praise from the public. In Dong Xuan market, there is also a regular performance of Xam singing, a typical Hanoi music genre.”

The Dong Xuan Joint Stock Company has diversified tours of the market to attract more visitors and further promote its image.