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Vietnam National Museum of History

11/10/2021 14:07 1047
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In the system of Vietnamese museums, the Vietnam National Museum of History (VNMH) is the place that preserves the largest number of national treasures. Recently, the VNMH has just given the public an opportunity to contemplate in detail the quintessence of each treasure in an interactive 3D virtual exhibition. It’s a program of applying modern technology that has been carried out by the museum for years. This is the first time for visitors to enjoy and discover 20 national treasures with a lot of meaningful messages thanks to a new technological approach.

Gorgeousness and sophisticated

Just click on the link:, visitors are able to admire the interactive 3D virtual special exhibition National Treasures. In the virtual space, visitors are able to observe the treasures from different angles, to obtain information and to have experiences about the unique features of each treasure. These 20 national treasures all have typical and precious historical values. Each treasure contains the messages of the past with the quintessence of Vietnamese culture, reflecting the long cultural history in the process of nation building and defending of the Vietnamese people.

The interactive 3D virtual exhibition National Treasures serves the visitors to experience a particularly attractive discovery space via the internet. It is designed with the purpose of honoring, promoting and introducing the national treasures’ value to domestic and foreign visitors.


The main interface of the interactive 3D vitural exhibition National Treasures

In 3D space, visitors can admire the images from differnt angles of national treasures, such as: Ngoc Lu Bronze Drum, Viet Khe boat grave, Statue of two people playing the flute on their back, Vo Canh Stele, Pottery jar with Swan patterns, Nam Giao Stele, Golden seal Dai Viet Quoc Nguyen Chua Vinh Tran Chi Bao, Canh Thinh Bronze Drum, Golden book De He Thi (the Poem of Generations of the Imperial Family), Revolutionary Road (book), Prison Diary (book), A draft of the Call on the whole nation to carry out the resistance war (by President Ho Chi Minh), etc. The visitors have the opportunity to explore multiple perspectives of each treasure, not only from a visual perspective but also in different levels of information.

With a virtual interactive application, the national treasure Ngoc Lu bronze drum of Dong Son culture that dated back to 2500-2000 years ago, is no longer in a static state, but its images from all angles will be shown up clearly with decorative patterns by just one click. Important details are also numbered so that visitors and researchers can stop by for a closer look.


Information fields of each National Treasure

In the collection of ceramics discovered in the shipwreck of Cu Lao Cham, the Pottery jar with Swan patterns (the Early Le Dynasty, 15th century) is a unique object with the largest size and a beautiful and lively decoration theme. It was recognized as a National Treasure in 2012. The 3D interaction on the virtual exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to admire the special patterns on the treasure. In addtion, visitors will be told about the journey of this treasure from the ancient shipwreck to the museum through stories in the Reseach Section. According to Dr. Nguyen Van Doan - the director of VNMH, the advantage of 3D applications is to bring images with deatailed patterns and in particular, visitors can get more detailed information than directly visiting the museum.


Pottery jar with Swan patterns


Images of Pottery jar with Swan patterns from different angles

The VNMH has applied the interactive 3D virtual technology in the exhibition since 2013 with the special exhibitions titled Vietnamese Buddhist Cultural Heritage and Vietnamese Ancient Lamps. Since then, many experimental programs of digitization have been conducted. However, in previous 3D vitural exhibitions, there were still many limitations in conveying the precious value of objects as well as integrating diverse information sources. Therefore, from 2020, the VNMH has upgraded 3D applications and completed the special 3D virtual exhibiton  National Treasures. “We are proud that in 3D virtual space, each national treasure not only exists with full of unique and delicate values, but also provides visitors with invaluable messages of the past and the quintessence of Vietnamese culture,” Dr. Nguyen Van Doan said.

Research and information supplements

In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, the application of modern technology in the interactive 3D virtual exihibiton National Treasures is expected to bring to the public new approaches and discoveries about the thousands years of national history. Especially, visitors can easily observe objects in detail from different angles combined with interactive activities that would be impossible for ones who visit directly the exhibition at the museum. For example, visitors can look at every page and look up every word on the treasure of Golden Book De He Thi. Mr. Dang Phan Diep, representative of technology company Vietsoft pro, a partner of VNMH said “Visitors can access and research in detail every page of the books: Revolutionary Road and Prison Diary with just one click. It’s impossible with the original objects at the museum.”


The Golden Book De He Thi in the interactive 3D vituaral exhibition

According to the expert, due to the characteristics of each object, the application of technology to virtual space is also in various ways. "We have applied 3D experience and interaction technology with the national treasures. The Scent laser technology is used to provide detailed information on each treasure, including the type, decoration as well as material of the objects. In addition, this application also integrates explanations for decorative patterns and the meaning of each treasure. Thereby, the museum's experts can describe, explain, and interact visually in 3D space”, he said.  In the context of extremely complicated disease development, Dr. Nguyen Van Doan said: "It’s the beginning of a new exhibition method. A large amount of information about 20 national treasures has been posted to the virtual space, including general and in-depth information for the research and interaction purposes. In the coming time, the VNMH will continue to update additional information, new research as well as enhance interaction to create a more attractive virtual interactive exhibition. Hopefully it will be an important opportunity for the VNMH to be closer to the public.”


Visitors can access each page of the Revolutionary Road Book (by President Ho Chi Minh) in the 3D vitural exhibition

Along with the interactive 3D exhibition National Treasures, the VNMH also launched two technological applications: Tourday Online and Online History Lesson. In the digital age as well as the social context affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, these two experimental applications have received a positive response from visitors. In addition to completing the contents of these 3 technological applications, the VNMH will continue to coordinate with scientists and experts to design new technological products based on the needs of visitors. In the near future, it is possible to introduce an automatic narration system and clips on specialized topics.





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